As of September 1st, eight new gun laws are now in effect in Texas:


Senate Bill 535:  Texans may carry guns in churches, synagogues and other places of worship, unless legal signage prohibits them from doing so.

Senate Bill 741: Property owners’ associations cannot ban the storage of guns on rental properties.

House Bill 121: Provides a legal defense for licensed handgun owners who unknowingly enter an establishment that bans firearms as long as they leave when asked.

House Bill 302: Landlords cannot insert verbiage in lease agreements that bans renters/guests from carrying firearms.

House Bill 1387: Allows for an increase in the number of school marshals who can carry guns at public and private schools in Texas.

House Bill 1177:  Texans are now allowed to carry handguns without a license during a state of disaster.

House Bill 1143: School districts may not prevent/ban licensed gun owners from storing guns and ammunition in their vehicles in parking lots.

House Bill 2363: Selected foster homes are permitted to store guns and ammunition in a locked location.

Texas Department of Public Safety;Photo by Tasha Stevens
Texas Department of Public Safety;Photo by Tasha Stevens

If you have more questions about legally carrying a gun, the Texas department of Public Safety website has a ton of great information.

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