In Tanzania, a country where 1 in 38 women don't survive pregnancy, babies are often left abandoned or forgotten. Neema Village, a non-profit operating out of Waco, is doing its best to provide care and find homes for babies who have nobody else.

In 2012, Michael and Dorris Fortson opened Neema in Arusha, Tanzania. Michael has been visiting Tanzania on mission trips since 1965, and the couple has even had two children born in the country.

While Neema was initially solely focused on taking in and finding families for babies, there is now an  additional effort to try and treat what is seen as the root of the issue- poor mothers.

Of the 2.5 billion people worldwide who live on less than $2 a day, 70% are women. Due to living in poverty, mothers are more vulnerable to a high infant and maternal mortality rate, in addition to many other factors that could lead to an abandoned child.

Neema Village has started Mothers Against Poverty (MAP), to help women in Tanzania become more financially independent and learn how to provide and income for their families.

Neema Village overlooks the city of Arusha, Eric Coley
Neema Village overlooks the city of Arusha, Tanzania

The Fortsons and everyone else involved with Neema Village work tirelessly to maintain the facilities they've built. For more information on the organization, the children, or on how to volunteer and contribute, you can visit the Neema Village website.

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