Up north we have a restaurant call Perkins. They had a free meal on your birthday policy,

I got up and left. Haven't been back since

and I would always go just to get a Monte Cristo. They deep fried their version then covered it with powdered sugar.

The tables at Perkins all had a tree of jelly. I would get ketchup for the fries, but the sandwich would be dipped in jelly. Egg washed deep fried Turkey and strawberry jelly would always hit the spot. One year I went in and the Monte Cristo was no longer on the menu. I got up and left. Haven't been back since.

When I moved down here I tried all the restaurants I could. Bennigan's was one of the ones I tried, and low and behold, they had a Monte Cristo. I signed a lease the next day because I new I'd found a home.

Today is National Monte Cristo Day, so either head to Bennigan's, or some other joint that offers the Monte Cristo, and enjoy the best damn sandwich around. Or, you could make it at home.

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