"Oh my God! The boy is having a seizure!"

Art Mcginnis came out of the shoot hot and destroyed the competition in the Mutton Bustin' contest at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Art is seven years old and afterward did the most uncowboy thing you can do. He dance the...whatever the hell this is.

We first saw this "seizure" a few years back during a SNL Season Finale. I believe they called it the "Floss".

I'm also told that the dance shows up in some game call Fortnite? I guess because it takes two weeks to play? Who the hell knows. Kids today and their parents, or should I say "best friends" and their ideas of cool. Pretty sure if I tried to do some cool dance when I won a ping pong game the welt marks from the belt would still need a few weeks of healing.

Of course, I could be out of line. I'd go on a bit more, but some damn kids are on my lawn. Where's the shotgun?

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