The new McDonald's on W. Adams Ave. in Temple, in front of the newest Walmart store in the area and, very boldly and competitively, across from Whataburger, will open Monday morning, May 1, for breakfast at 5:00 AM. This news is being loudly and brightly trumpeted on this location's brand-spanking-new digital board mounted underneath the world-famous golden arches logo.

This is the fifth major chain opening a location within that block in the past year and a half. McDonald's will join Starbucks, the aforementioned  Whataburger, Taco Bell across the street, and Freddie's Steakburgers on the adjacent block. Pizza Hut, Subway, and Dominos are in the same area as Freddie's and have been there for some time. Other chains open in the area are Jersey Mike's, Fuzzy's Tacos, and Shipley Do-Nuts.

In other McDonald's news, even though it appears to have positively impacted the company's sales and stock price, the recently introduced variations on the Big Mac have been removed from the menu. The Grand Mac, which featured larger patties similar to those on the Quarter Pounder, has been removed, as have all references to the smaller Mac Jr. And, as we reported last week, the beloved Hi-C orange drink was slated for removal from the McDonald's menu this summer.

Just when I finally think they're doing something right, they do two things wrong.

We'll see if the new location hit it out of the park starting Monday.

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