Lot's of crazy Coronavirus stories out there full of negative news but instead of focusing on that, let's share some some good news stories to help raise the spirits a bit.

From Japhanie Gray at KSAT - The head nurse for San Antonio's University Health System came up with a way to make cloth facemasks with material from A/C filters.  And they might be more effective than N95 masks.  Or at least a solid replacement if the N95s run out.

Her name is Tommye Austin, senior vice president and chief nurse executive and she decided to make masks after hearing of The CDC recommending bandanas or scarves as possible replacements for N95 masks. Her masks block 99.5% of airborne particles with a second version blocking 97.8%.

From PRNewswire.com - The creators of Beanie Babies, Ty Warner, have created a Beanie Baby to help raise funds for The United Way Worldwide COVID-19 Fund. The new addition is named "Hope" and is a limited-edition praying bear. 100% of the profits will go to charity. Check them out and place your orders HERE.

Ty Inc.

Get them while they last and support a great cause.

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