Nowadays, it seems as if nothing is sacred.

The pastor of Moody's Willow Grove Baptist Church posted photos early Monday morning showing the aftermath of vandalism that occurred there over the weekend.

Steve Desjardins' photos show what appears to be paint sprayed and spilled on carpets, walls, and even pews and Bibles. Furniture appears to have been overturned and destroyed, papers and supplies are strewn across the floor, and ingredients and condiments in the kitchen appear to have been thrown and splattered all over the place.

It's a heartbreaking sight.

In a Facebook post, Desjardins asked for prayers and support not only for the vandalized church and its members, but for the vandals and their families.

Sadly, this isn't the first time the tiny church has been the target of vandals. Our news partners at Channel 10 News report that the church received similar treatment in August of 2017. In that case, vandals spilled turpentine and bleach in the choir room, broke a window and a door, and spray painted swastikas along with other graffiti.

If you have any information that might help authorities determine who's responsible for this past weekend's vandalism, please contact local police or get in touch with Bell County Crime Stoppers at (254) 526-TIPS (8477) or

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