If you brew it, they will come...with a check book.

North Texas micro-brewery, Revolver, has been bought out by the craft and import division of MillerCoors, Tenth and Blake Beer Company. According to a press release, and Dallasobserver.com. It seems that MillerCoors has taken a hit to their profits with all the micro-brews popping up around the country.

This purchase secures one of the states favorites, Blood & Honey. MillerCoors has also picked up Terrapin Beer Company, and Hop Valley Brewing Company.

Revolver was founded back in 2012 by father and son Ron & Rhett Keisler, also with master brewer Grand Wood. They call Grandbury Texas as home, and the beer is currently distributed in Dallas-Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, and surrounding areas. The deal calls for Revolver Brewing to operate as a separate business unit of Tenth and Blake, with the current management, and employees, conitinuing to brew, package, market, sell, and create Revolver brands.


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