Mick Jagger minced no words when sharing his thoughts on anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists in a new interview. The Rolling Stones singer just released a new solo single, the raucous, Dave Grohl-assisted “Eazy Sleazy.” Jagger rails against the difficulties and tragedies of the COVID-19 pandemic, including canceled tours, virtual-songwriting sessions and steadily rising infection numbers.

He also pokes fun at vaccine skeptics and flat-earthers in one tongue-in-cheek verse: "Shooting the vaccine / Bill Gates is in my bloodstream / It’s mind control / The earth is flat and cold."

"It just seems to be that even people you know that are relatively sensible about a lot of things have one thing that they just don’t kind of get," Jagger told Rolling Stone in a new interview. "Of course, there’s no point in speaking to people about it. They don’t get it. They got what they believe in and they believe in that. And it doesn’t matter what you say, they’re gonna believe in it. And rational thought doesn’t work."

Jagger said that over the past year, he's discovered through casual phone conversations that a fair share of his friends and relatives are opposed to getting vaccinated. (Thankfully, the frontman didn't have these revelations while arguing with people on Facebook.) "It’s just saying to people, 'When are you getting your vaccine?' Just passing the time of day, 'Oh, I’m not getting it.' 'Okay. Why not? Are you in the queue?' 'Oh no, because I don’t agree with it.' I started to realize that there really were quite a few people like that."

The singer found that while some of these people were open to learning new information and having their minds changed, others — especially those of a certain political persuasion — were set in their ways and not even worth singing about. "After a while, some people maybe change their minds on this," he said. "But all these other ones like, 'Trump won the election' and all these things, I didn’t bother putting them in [the song]."

Despite the dire circumstances of the pandemic and the rampant disinformation that infected some of his friends, Jagger remains optimistic about humanity's prospects in "Eazy Sleazy.” He assures listeners in the chorus that "we're all headed back to paradise" and says that soon, the pandemic will be "a memory you're trying to remember to forget." You can listen to the new song below.


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