Meth, your way.

KVUE is reporting that San Marcos officials found a portable meth lab at an abandoned Burger King.

A press release from the city said that the San Marcos Fire Department's Hazmat unit, and the  Hays County Narcotics Task Force responded after police checked on a suspicious person call around 2 p.m. They discovered a backpack in the transient camp behind the building.

Police found several containers inside the backpack, one of which held an acidic powder that gave the officer a light skin burn.

Detectives arrived on the scene and determined the items in the bag were the "makings of a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory." That's when the Hazmat unit and narcotics task force were called to clean the area.

No arrest have been made.

Wonder what the push on the street for the "burger king" meth is?

- Your way right away, as long as you got the money bitch!

- If you ask us, it just tastes better, bitch!

- BK Meth where you're not the boss, I am bitch!

- Smoke it like a man, bitch!

- It takes two hands to handle my meth, bitch!

- Stack it high tough guy, bitch!

- Meth, sometimes you gotta break the rules...bitch!


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