The folks at Applebee's want to show us all how much they appreciate us with $1 margaritas on the rocks all month.

October is the restaurant's Neighborhood Appreciation Month, and from open to close every day you can toss four quarters their way and get an ice cold 'rita.

There's no limit on how  many you can get, but we want to remind everyone to be smart and drink responsibly. If you're like us and you plan to slap a twenty on the bar and go to town, bring a designated driver.

So, why is Applebee's doing this? I mean, besides attempting to lure us all into booths because chain restaurants are hurting? The company's Vice President of Beverage Innovation (that's an actual job you can apply for?!) had this to say:

"We focus on our food a lot, but 'bar' is in our name, and it is an integral part of what makes Applebee's a great neighborhood destination. Our $1 margaritas in October give us a chance to show our guests a little love, giving them a totally unbeatable offer as a gesture of our sincere appreciation for their patronage."

Well hey, cheers to you too, Pat!

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