Despite what you may have heard on social media, a middle school in Killeen, Texas was NOT on lockdown Thursday, September 22, and there was no shooting on campus.

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However, two juvenile students who allegedly made threatening comments against Manor Middle School are now facing three felony terroristic charges.

Manor Middle School Threats

The threats were investigated, determined to be a hoax, and the two students were transported to juvenile detention, according a statement from KISD Chief Communications & Marketing Officer Taina Maya:

There are several social media rumors about Manor Middle School today that are not true. The campus was never in a lockdown and there was not a shooting near or at the campus.

Killeen Independent School District's Response

KWTX is reporting that a message sent to the parents of Killeen Independent School District students stated that there was an altercation "outside the campus that did not involve Manor students" but that a student from the middle school overheard a threat of violence towards the campus and told school officials about it. Another message sent after the students responsible for the threat had been identified stated that the campus would be on high alert, but there was no danger to students:

As a precaution, we will have increased security on our campus throughout the day. We are extremely grateful to the students who brought this to our attention because we must all work together to keep our campus and community safe.

Student Safety on Campus

Considering recent events in Uvalde, Texas, it's understandable that students, parents, and school officials are on high alert at all times.  As a mother of both a high school and college student, I can appreciate the feeling of being on edge when sending your child away every day to learn, after everything I see in the news.

It's important to stay calm and rely on the facts, instead of spreading stories that may or may not be true. Even the slightest rumor of anything violent happening while our kids are on campus can spread and get distorted very quickly.

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