Tragic beginning to a Friday in Belton.

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

KWTX is reporting that a 60 year-old man was struck and killed trying to cross a busy street in Belton Friday morning.

The collision occurred on the corner of 13th & Beal Street a little after 7 a.m.

It seems that a man was trying to cross the busy street. Traffic in the westbound lane stopped to let the man by. Sadly, the person in the eastbound lane didn't see the gesture and struck the man.

Helping someone cross the street is a kind gesture that I was told to never do.

This is the reason why.

I was taught that if you wave a person across, and he gets hurt or killed, you could be held responsible.

I have no idea if that's really true or not. It could be that my parents were making it so that I would never do anything that I would blame myself for for the rest of my life.

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