You may have heard me bemoaning the lack of breakfast options on the weekend here in Temple. This dates back to my desire for Waffle House to explore options for bringing their chain to Bell County. It is true, sadly, that sitdown places which specialize in breakfast are not nearly as plentiful in our area. Megg's is a giant in this lane. As for chains,  IHOP and Cracker Barrel definitely bring good stuff to the table.

This past weekend, I discovered another place right around the corner from Megg's Café doing a traditional breakfast but definitely upping their game when it comes to creative dishes. Much respect to Henderson's!

Some folks think of Henderson's as a traditional American breakfast place.  That impression is no doubt bolstered by the impression that the building they're in looks like it used to be a Shoney's once upon a time.  The similarities stop there and very definitively.


Friends in KIlleen know about Henderson's as it's an institution there. This new location however is a little less of an old diner-style place and more of a relaxed bistro. As a matter fact on the sign when I arrived there Sunday morning proclaimed "a unique Texas bistro."  I'm here to tell you it's absolutely true.

It's also a very smart move. Meg's around the corner has that bistro vibe. They also had a 25 minute wait when I got there. Now if I wanted to wait, I'd go to Franklin Barbecue.  When I want breakfast, I want it now.

The menu was full of unique items including a wonderful selection of omelettes. I chose the taco omlette (picturde here.) In addition to red picante style sauce, they provided pico de gallo for my eggs.  I ended up using a little bit of both and putting catsup on my hashbrowns. When it comes to potatoes and catsup, I am weak.

I also ordered some pancakes. The blueberries inside were delightful. In fact, there was not one bad item served to me.

As it was the brunch time of the morning, they were also dinner style offerings.  I toyed with the idea of getting the Aztec beef medallions but stuck with breakfast.

Simply put, if you cant get into Megg's, theres a great option mere feet away. Kudos to Henderson's for responding ti the overflow!

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