Some delays might have happened but the reality is that the new school year has started, so let's be careful out there. is reporting that motorists should be on alert as more children will be walking to and from school. Those school lights that have been off for the past few months will now be working, which means speed limits will be decreased. The majority of school zones begin at 6:30 in the morning and normally keep speeds capped at 20 mph.

Children are unpredictable and occasionally like to dart out into the street for no reason whatsoever. The cell phone law goes into effect September 1st, but talking on a cell phone in a school zone, unless stopped or on a hands free device, is already against the law.

Then there're the school buses. When they stop, you stop. The only way you don't stop is if you're coming from the opposite direction and there's a median or physical barrier between you, and even then it's a good idea to slow down and watch for kids.

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