On a dark winter night, would you give up the red rose on a back Texas road?

And the caption read..."Well guys, I proposed to my best friend."

And two young people decided to venture down the road of life together, by the light of a dashboard camera.

Now, are they praying for the end of time? Well who's to say. What we do know is that KC Carter stopped his dance to Cody Johnson's version of George Strait's "You Look so Good in Love" to take a knee and ask his "best friend" to spend the rest of her life with him. And from the way Allison Cooper wrapped her legs around him, it seems she said yes.

As a product of a marriage that has lasted 50 years and still counting, the caption is good indicator that these young love-birds have a chance. My parents always refer to each other as their best friend. I was told from a young age, "friends first, lovers second." Good luck to the both of them.

Well guys, I proposed to my best friend😊

Posted by Kc Carter on Sunday, January 29, 2017


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