The cost of assisted living places is outrages in The United "Fleece the Elderly" States. Here's a thought.

Terry Robison from Springs ,Texas did some math, and it turns out that living in a Holiday is cheaper than some of the assisted living establishments he's looked at.

He posted on Facebook that he was quoted a price of $59.23 per night for a long term stay and senior discount. Of course that includes breakfast, and for some Holiday Inn's happy hours in the afternoon. With the average cost of nursing homes running $188.00 a day, that will leave him $128.77 a day for lunch and dinner in any restaurant he want to eat at. Or even room service, gratuites and special TV movies he wants to watch.

My Grandma pays $8,000.00 dollars a month. But then she's a 100 years old and pretty much has lost all short term memory. If this you, best to go to the home, but if you've just retired and want to have some adventures then this is a hell of idea.

Move to a town, negotiate a long term stay at the Holiday Inn, explore the town, meet the people, maybe even break a few hearts, then move on to the next adventure. You're old, not dead.



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