I lost my favorite comedian this morning when Don Rickles passed away.

TMZ is reporting that Mr. Rickles died this morning in his home.

Don was one of the first people who made me laugh out loud. He picked on everyone. No one was safe. He would pick people out of the audience...

"...You Chinese? If not then get your eyes fixed!" Decidedly unPC.

You didn't have a good Dean Martin Roast unless Rickles was there. Besides the roasts, he never had that much luck on TV shows. CPO Sharkey, anyone?

But, he was in one of the best movies of all time: Kelly's Heroes.

In this day and age of political correctness, you'd think that he was retired, but no. He was working up until the end.

Mr. Warmth passed away this morning at home of kidney failure. His wife, Barbara, was by his side. The world is less funny today. Goodbye, Don Rickles. You'll be missed.

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