Today is the day you could get a traffic ticket in Killeen.  The Killeen Police Department will be on high alert for folks who don’t obey that “slowdown for emergency vehicles on the side of the road” law.


In other words they are setting up to catch violators, with fake emergencies on the side of the road.  When you see those red and blue lights going, you are supposed to slow down to 20 MPH  below the speed limit, or get in the lane that is NOT next to the emergency vehicle.  If the speed limit is less than 25 MPH slow your speed to 5 MPH.


It is not just Killeen law, this is state law. The Rowlett Police department made a video about it. Like to see it? Here it is.




So look out!  And don’t just obey the law today, obey the law EVERYDAY!



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