Rose Short may not have won on The Voice Tuesday night, but she won all of our hearts.

She made it to the Top 4 and gracefully represented Killeen, Texas on National TV. Unfortunately, she was the first to be eliminated during Tuesday night's show.

In my opinion, she was clearly the best singer in the final 4 competition, but apparently she didn't have enough votes to win it.

I actually don't even know who won because when it was announced that Rose was eliminated, I turned to ESPN.

*Editor's Note: Jake Hoot of Cookeville, Tennessee was the season 17 winner.*

Monday night she performed several songs on the finale show part one, including an original song titled 'Steamroller'. For the finale part two, she sang a duet with the legendary Yolanda Adams. You can watch that performance below.

This should be looked at as a minor bump on the road to success that Rose Short will be riding on.

The exposure she's received I'm sure will catapult her into a rewarding music career.

Good Luck, Rose! We know we'll hear great things from you soon. Thank you for representing Killeen so elegantly. We are so proud of you.

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