KWTX is reporting that there was another shooting in Killeen, but this one has a new twist to the story.

A Killeen woman, who wished to remain anonymous, heard someone trying to break into her home Sunday morning.

Her response, which surprises me that it's not a more common response, was to shoot, tackle, and hold down the burglar.

The woman is an admitted light sleeper and she heard a disturbance outside near her garage. She said she loaded her handgun and waited.

The burglar entered the home through the garage and headed down the hallway toward the bedroom. When he entered, she fired her 9 mm handgun striking the wee-man in the arm. He screamed like a person who was breaking into a home in Texas then took a bullet. He turned to run away and she followed down the hallway still shooting. The shot missed.

The burglar tried to leave the way he came in but was unable to do the bullet wound. That's when he went back into the house. The retired military lady managed to overpower the wee-man holding him down while trying to call the police. She said...

"He told me, ‘I didn't get anything. You already shot me, so just let me go."

The man did managed to break free and escaped through the front door, but not before she got off a final warning shot that went through a wall near the front door. She went on to say...

"This is someone's child, someone's son, who took the wrong direction somewhere to try me. But he got the right house because hopefully, he learned a lesson."

That lesson is that there are plenty of retired military people in Killeen, and it being Texas, they have guns. Might be safer to get that job at Taco Bell.


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