There was a shooting in Killeen. No, not that one. This one is new.

Via Sam DeLeon KWTX
Via Sam DeLeon KWTX

It seems you can easily get confused when it come to remembering all the shootings in Killeen. 2018 is starting the same way 2017 ended in Killeen. With lead in the air.

KWTX is reporting that the Killeen Police are investigating a shooting that took place before Noon Wednesday.

Police were sent to 1300 Fox Creek Drive, and, according to the police, a 13-year-old boy was injured and taken to McLane's Children Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

It's unclear whether the shooting took place inside the home or outside, but the the teen was inside the home when he was injured.

First question I had is one you might have as well, and no; there is no information on why the young man was not in school at the time of shooting.

Lets all take a moment and send a prayer down the line that the City of Killeen can find some peace so the shootings stop.

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