Music is something that is near and dear to almost everyone's heart. We all have our favorite songs that will never cease to put us in a good mood, or make us dance. And for some young students, playing an instrument becomes part of their daily lives. That includes the awesome young musicians who visited Killeen, Texas recently to show off their skills.

I once was, and admittingly still am, a fan of marching bands. I marched throughout high school and college, playing both baritone and tuba. So when events like this happen, it always makes me smile. Several talented ensembles took to the field to perform for those in attendance at Leo Buckley Stadium.

The Bands Who Performed

According to our friends at Killeen Independent School District, the main star of the night was the Harker Heights Marching Band. They performed their show "Gothic" for the crowd. After their performance, 10 middle school ensembles had their chance to stand on the field and have their time to shine as well.

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Following all performances, both the Harker Heights Marching Band and all Middle School ensembles joined on the field for one final group performance. This event wasn't just for band to perform, however.

The Extravaganza's Main Purpose

The event was not only for groups to perform, but as a fundraiser for the Harker Heights Band Boosters. It also gave middle schoolers a view into what high school marching band will be like if they choose to join. The Harker Heights will also be performing in a Bands of America event soon, so this performance helps them practice the show they'll perform for the competition.

Kell Harris, the director of the Eastern Hills band said of the event when speaking to the Killeen ISD:

"The kids deserve a spotlight. It gives them some incentive to stay in band. We’re excited to be here. It’s a little nerve raking for them. It’s something they will remember.”

It's always great to see bands performing. Remember to support the marching arts!

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