A teacher's aid at Timber Ridge Elementary School in Killeen has been fired for taking photos of children while in the bathroom at school.

The Temple Daily Telegram reports that a teacher's aid was terminated on Friday of last week after an incident in the bathroom at Timber Ridge Elementary School.

The teacher's aid was attempting to prove that students were misbehaving while inside the school's washroom. Terry Abbott with KISD said that all the students were fully clothed at the time the pictures were taken. The school launched an investigation and decided the employee would be let go on Tuesday.

This is the 4th Killeen ISD employee to be let go over conduct in the last few months. The TDT story listed former employees David Balsinger (placed on leave from Union Grove for soliciting a minor), A substitute teacher was let go from Maxdale Elementary for placing duct tape over the mouths of 5th graders, along with an 8th-grade teacher at Palo Alto Middle School who was banned from the classroom after allegations of misconduct.

Many of these cases are still being investigated or resolved.

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