From April 3rd through the 21st, two $1000 prizes were given out each day playing "Grand in Your Hand." Fine folks like our final local winner, the very happy Leslie Hallbauer (above) of Belton - who works in the library at the elementary school - listened for the Magic Money Keyword at 7:25 AM and 4:45 PM each day before heading over to to register online or that money prize. Leslie said she made certain to be tuned in at the same time each morning, and truly that is the secret to winning this contest. It's like Buddhism: practices and habits done over and over will eventually pay off!

Well, I must confess that we've blown our wad of cash for the rest of the month. It's time to build up our cash reserves. Grand in Your Hand will return in May's second week, but everything will remain the same: Magic Money Keyword given out twice a day at 7:25 and again at 4:45.

Until then, we will be giving out

--Free Lunch From Alvarez Barbecue and Catering on Friday

--Bloomin' Temple Tickets

--Passes to see Saturday Night Fever on the big screen

--A trip to see Guns N' Roses in El Paso

--Kindles, Cameras, and other prizes in our "Win Stuff" section

Just ask Leslie: listeners really do win on K1017!

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