Central Texas its time to "Bring Back the Cefco Jingle" at area Cefco stores!

We figured since people are shy one of the best ways to get y'all to sing the jingle would be to sing it with ya! It had been a while since I had pulled the 12-string out, and I never did find a guitar pick but we had fun anyway. 106 degrees outside or not, We hung out with K Rock listeners at the Cefco on W. Adams on Friday and we had a blast singing! Since Temple, Texas is headquarters for Cefco they asked if we could help them out.

It's so easy to win $5000 bucks singing a song you've been hearing in Texas for decades. The Cefco jingle is a song most people know. Now you just need to put your spin on it to win cash! You can sing it with us or you can yodel, rap, or two-step your way through the song while we help ya with your video. Singing the song for us instantly scores you a $20 Cefco card. Then take your video and upload it to youtube or your favorite video platform. Then submit your link to Cefco to enter to win $5000 bucks!

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