Jimmy Fallon took 'The Tonight Show' on the road for a special all student show at the Bass Concert Hall in Austin. Three University of Texas students attending had a night they'll never forget.

Alma Zamora, Elizabeth Yun, and Fitzgerald Alan were called up on stage at the end of the show by Fallon. The three excitedly rush to greet the host - Yun gave him a big ole hug - quickly gave the hall a little introduction of themselves before Fallon surprised them with a whole lot of Samsung gear, including a brand new Note 10+.

As he got the three Texans together for a group selfie he dropped the even bigger surprise.

“I want to get all of you in here because I want you to remember what I say next,” Fallon said. “You guys ready?”

They said yes, but they weren't.

“Samsung is going to pay for the remainder of your college tuition!" Fallon exclaimed.

Shocked for a second the three jumped up and down, hugged each other and confetti and balloons fell.

Alan's initial reaction is the highlight of the clip.

Jimmy, are you trying to compete with Ellen?


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