The three children kidnapped by their parents are safe, and the parents have been arrested.

Via KWTX/Law Enforcement
Via KWTX/Law Enforcement

KWTX is reporting that Jeffrey Gilseth, 32, and Maria Gilseth, 32, have been arrested in Topeka, Kansas.

The children are safe after their parents' car was pinned in a toll plaza on Interstate 70.

Hunter Gilseth, 11, Dylan Gilseth, 9, and Levi Gilseth, 4, were taken into protective custody.

On Tuesday morning, a man, who claimed to be Gilseth contacted the media. He claimed that he and his wife fled with kids because they feared they were about to be put up for adoption.

The man called into the media did admit to a fight the that the boys witnessed back in March 2017, but said he and his wife were doing everything as directed by the courts to get the children back.

Then he said that a false accusation made by someone derailed their efforts. The threat was, allegedly, that he threatened his entire family's safety.

All that really matters here is that the situation ended peacefully and the kids are safe.


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