For many, the words "Poki Roni Ranch" will bring back a flood of memories, and for others, it won't be recognizable. But, at one point in time, Poki Roni Ranch was a great source of entertainment in El Paso, Texas.

Poki Roni Ranch was a legendary riding school- led by owner and riding instructor, Patricia Bower Kirchner. Poki Roni was also a petting zoo that was a destination for many field trips and also where my cousin had a birthday party at once! At Poki Roni Ranch, you got to party with chickens, ducks and there was even a peacock! It was fun- until the fun ended on night in 2008!

Shooting in Business Park Leaves Multiple Victims
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Patricia was found dead in the garage due to an apparent carbon monoxide poisoning in what first appeared to be a suicide. However, authorities would later reveal that it was Travis Kirchner, Patricia's son, who would be charged in her murder.

And now, that entire story is forever immortalized in a Investigation Discovery show called "Unraveled". "Unraveled", which is available on Max (formerly known a HBO Max), is described as:

Investigation Discovery digs deep into the psychological forces that drive a person to commit homicide. What compels him or her to decide that taking a life is something that must be done? Perhaps the offender has been struggling with lifelong issues. Or maybe it's an inability to cope with pressures of adulthood. Whatever the case, the perpetrator's tortuous journey stunningly ends in violence.

There are only two seasons of the show, but the episode that features El Paso's Poki Roni, is titled "Death Pact" and is the final episode of the first season. The episode includes re-enactments that will bring Poki Roni back to life.


Despite most El Pasoans knowing how it ends, Travis gets sentenced in the murder of Patricia, Travis also ends up dead- which you can read about here. You can watch "Unraveled" now on Max.

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