Texas loves football & food. So of course food and football are a perfect match! And people agree as both the home for the Dallas Cowboys & the Houston Texans come up with some amazing eats. Mashed ranked all the NFL stadiums; AT&T Stadium got #2 & NRG Stadium at #2. So... why are the stadiums' foods so good & what are the best things to eat there?

The best foods at the home of the Cowboys, AT&T Stadium

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If you've been to the stadium, one of the best items to get is called "The Lineman Burrito": a 17 inch burrito filled with brisket, mac n cheese, pico de gallo & other ingredients.

But if you want a different option, some other items to try include:

  • The Tex Mex items at the Vaquero Stands
  • The Jumbo Cowboys Cheesesteak at the Tailgate Grill
  • the ice cream at the Pepsi Deck
  • Or the Cowboys Cheesesteak Hand Pie at the Hall of Fame Concessions

The website Student Recipes also recommend the Korean BBQ Brat or the mac n cheese burger at the Heaven & Hell Burger. Not to mention the many restaurants OUTSIDE of AT&T Stadium.

Or you can always try asking nicely at the tailgate party...

The best foods at the home of the Texans, NRG Stadium

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If AT&T Stadium has the Lineman Burrito, then NRG Stadium has the Trill Burger, co-founded by local rap legend, Bun B.

But if burgers aren't your thing; NRG Stadium has one of the most diverse menu selections for any NFL stadium, according to Student Recipes. Their recommendations include:

  • Treebeard’s Chicken and Sausage Gumbo,
  • The brisket sandwiches from HTX Brisket Melts,
  • The Taco Trio,
  • and for those who have a sweet tooth (like me), there's the Craveworthy Cookies.

Of course those are just a few of the places; there's a total of 38 food stands & 32 bars at NRG Stadium.

I'm not gonna lie...as a Steelers fan, hearing about all these foods...it makes ME want to go visit each stadium just to try out the food for myself. I know there are more things to try that weren't mentioned up above so...maybe I need to plan a trip to visit both places and try some tasty eats.

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