There are literally thousands of people moving to Texas every single day, and yes many of them are doing it legally. However, as attractive as the Lone Star State is as a whole, there are the insiders that know in addition to select highways at certain times of the day, there are also plenty of towns you should avoid as well.

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It is not always crime that makes a place terrible to live because you can often have pockets of low employment opportunity, or the area is not a great place to raise a family due to a lack of quality school options.

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Texas Worst Town Now In The Dallas County Suburbs

That list showed Hutchins as the 7th worst city in Texas for crime, but there are many other factors in addition to crime that went into this Road Snacks article declaring Hutchins as the worst overall town in the state.

According to the author of the Road Snacks post, they crunched the number on three hundred and forty-two cities and towns to determine that Hutchins once again takes the 2024 crown like it did in 2023.

This very well could have been a rinse and repeat of old data, but if you ever travel into Dallas County along Interstate 45, you will see that it does look pretty desolate and forgotten as the rest of the metro continues to boom.

Then again, if I were just happy to be here in Texas, you can't help but drool at those housing prices.

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Data is based on violent crime per 100,000 residents. These are the 10 most dangerous communities in Texas.

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The Most Dangerous City in Texas for 2022 May Surprise You

According to FBI statistics, Texas had 438 violent crimes and 2,562 property crimes per 100,000 residents as of this year. For every 100,000 residents, there are 224 police officers statewide.

Crime rates are expressed as the number of incidents per 100,000 people.

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