An absolute nightmare played out on St. Patrick's Day in an area of Harris County just north of Houston, Texas as a one year little girl was hit by an Uber driver just after being dropped off with her family at their home. The tragedy escalated immediately following the accident as a brawl broke out with a mob of people then attacking the driver of the vehicle instead of administering aid to the fatally injured toddler.

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Witnesses say that a neighbor scooped up the child and rushed her to the hospital their self because they were fearful an ambulance would not arrive quickly enough to provide the immediate need for the injuries the little girl had.

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This type of accident can happen to anyone with a small and mobile child. Just this past winter I was interviewing a mother who was away in Vegas with her husband when they received a call that their own newly walking one year old had gotten away from the porch, and was behind a vehicle that began to back out of the drive way.

Thankfully, their little boy was able to pull through after over a month of being in a coma. The same sadly cannot be said for this little girl of a similar age as she was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Uber Driver's Horrific Accident Suddenly Kills Texas One Year Old

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