The Texas Panhandle is ablaze as this fire has become the largest in this history of the Lone Star State as an area about the size of Delaware has already burned in the Smokehouse Creek Fire. So much of the area is still unable to be thoroughly checked, but we do know an 83 year old grandma, Joyce Blankenship, did not make it out of her home and passed away because of the surging wildfire.

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At this time, Blankenship is the only known person thus far to succumb to the blaze and its blinding smoke, but countless livestock has also already been lost and it will be quite a while before wildlife estimates can be made as well. Once the scorched areas are able to be examined, we will begin to understand what the total devastation of the multiple fires burning throughout the Texas Panhandle.

Texas Grandma Sadly Perishes In Horrific New Wildfire Surge

There had been some hope that incredibly useful snow would come into the area as the temperatures had dipped recently, but at this point any type of precipitation, and a break in the high winds would be a welcome ally in combating the fire.

At this time, firefighting professionals from across the state, region, and country are lending their support and supplies to bring Texas's now largest wildfire in history under control, and then the great neighbors of Texas will move onto the next step of rebuilding our homes and communities together.

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