A major recall has been issued for one of the most reliable cars you can purchase in Texas due to a major failure with one of the most important safety features passengers absolutely rely on in any vehicle they potentially travel.

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Until fully autonomous and fluently communicating motor vehicles become the norm on American roadways, consumers are consistently tethered to traveling by automobiles that have constantly evolving technology that primarily focuses on passenger safety.

Translation, cars that can't guarantee avoiding accidents need to be incredibly efficient at preserving life and limb.

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Massive Lifesaving Concern Prompts New Recall For Texas Sold Cars

Traditionally, Subarus are regarded among the longest lasting and highest safety reviewed vehicles across the country. They pretty much last forever, and you can always rely on well rated performance standards.

If you do not have much experience in riding in a vehicle that was manufactured before airbags, it is almost unimaginable that you could get into a car that doesn't deploy numerous airbags during a crash.

Apparently, there is a failure in the censor for the passenger side airbag, and that is why almost 120,000 cars have been recalled.


I remember growing up traveling around in late 70s modeled cars that didn't even have shoulder straps on the seatbelts. When my older brother started driving, the car he had was the first I had ever seen with a steering wheel airbag.

Thinking back on it, I can only imagine he must have really wanted to know for himself if that airbag worked because he still can't explain how he wrecked 30 years later.

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