Belton, Texas has been sleeplessly searching for a man suffering with dementia since he went missing without an type of notice earlier this month on the 9th of March. Rogelio Arias, 79, was last seen safe on an exterior camera mounted near his door while walking out the front of his home.

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Arias took off on foot wearing a baseball cap, and it is believed that he may have been sighted a few times by passing motorists and also a few mounted cameras in the Belton area before possibly heading north along Interstate 35 towards Temple.

What made the search even more difficult was that Arias did not speak English, and may have avoided people due to his cognitive limitations.

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After Searching For Weeks, Belton, Texas Man Found Lying Dead

Shortly before 8 PM on Friday the 22nd, after almost two full weeks of searching, the Belton Police Department released a statement that the search had concluded around 2:30 that afternoon when Arias's body was found lying along the bank of the Leon River as officers were searching via kayak.

You can read the complete release by the Belton PD here.

If you are a local member of any of the Killeen-Temple, Texas area Facebook groups, you likely had been following the story since Arias was first found missing and a Silver Alert was issued.

The community really showed great care for Arias's family in joining the search. You can read more in this KCEN article.

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