It is starting to feel like the frequency of murders in Waco, Texas is heading to a whole new level, and what is more concerning is how many of the killers seem to remain at large for a very long time. Just 8 days prior to yesterday's killing, we learned of the murder of Sondre Johnson, and how his killer remains at large now almost 2 weeks since the killing.

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We understand that sometimes, often times even, the wheels of justice turn very slowly. Like how it was only 8 days ago that Elijah Jamal Craven was finally found guilty in a murder he committed in Waco 4 years ago. Making sure someone gets a fair trial is imperative to our justice system, but when at large murderers are simply on the loose is when the community could use a little urgency in the process.

Who is the latest person to be murdered in Waco, Texas?

Next of kin were notified yesterday morning that Christopher Anderson, 41, was gunned down around 4 AM earlier that day. Waco Police have said they have no clue who the killer is, and therefore they clearly remain on the loose at this time.

How can the public help with the Waco murder investigation?

You can always make tips to Waco Crime Stoppers, and do so anonymously if you desire. There is also the option of calling the police department at 254-750-7500.

Community involvement was heavily credited in the arrest and murder charge of a Killeen woman's death in less than a week. You can read more about Anderson's murder in this KXXV article.

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