The 100 degree Texas summer weather finally broke, and we are hopefully in the early days of getting to enjoy many seasonal temps in the 80s. As we patiently waited for cooler temperatures, you may not have noticed the calendar has already rolled into mid September.

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So, as most of us are eagerly awaiting the much needed rainfall that managed to duck the Lone Star State for the bulk of summer 2023, there are still plenty of outdoor enthusiasts that are over the growing season and excited to see the vast colors fall has to offer.

Where is the best place to enjoy fall in Texas?

For the sights, money, and most importantly convenient location, it simply does not get any more magical than Colorado Bend State Park's amazingly breathtaking Gorman Falls when it comes to fall views. Nature's framing of the 65 foot falls seems to change from every angle each time you look.

What makes the experience at Gorman Falls all the more enjoyable is how accessible it is to hikers of almost any experience. The most challenging part of the hike is the distance, but the necessary skill level remains quite low that it makes for a fantastic multi-generational experience.

What do I need to check out Gorman Falls and Colorado Bend State Park?

A comfy pair of well laced shoes, and at least 3 hours. I recommend starting as early as you can as the cool air will energize you for the trek in, and then you can spend as much time as you desire enjoying the falls before heading back.

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