Let's be real for one moment fellow Texans. We all want to, at one point, be noticed for how well we look sometimes right? We could be having a good hair day, or the light of the sun is just making us shine brighter than normal.

But we won't be talking about an individual today, instead we'll be talking an animal that really isn't associated with style, or even grace for that matter. Yes, we'll be talking about a pig.

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Wait A Pig?

Yes, a swine has taken the metaphorical center stage here. Which, for reasons you'll soon see, brought many eyes on Tik Tok. First, we must take in how this majestic young hog stole the show:

JUST LOOK AT THAT STYLE! That's a walk of confidence we all wish we had right? Might as have had a red catwalk for this pig, because there should have been cameras flashing while walking.

So first off, what is the pig's name? Great question to ask, and thanks to an update video posted, we learned this little piggie's name is Big T. But the real question we're all asking now is, did Big T win any prizes at the competition?

Sadly Big T walked away, with style of course, not winning the competition. Which we're trying to file a formal complaint, because with that walk, how could you not win something?

Here's the follow-up video as well, for more information on our new favorite walkway star:

The only thing we've got to say? Keep flaunting that confidence Big T!

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