The City of Killeen, Texas is warning drivers of a bridge closing in response to icy conditions Monday afternoon.

WS Young Drive Bridge Closed

According to the City, the W.S. Young Drive bridge from Veterans Memorial Boulevard to Atkinson Avenue has been closed to all traffic due to Monday's icy conditions.

City officials do not believe Killeen will be heavily impacted by the winter storm coming through our area, and expect most roads to remain passable. However, they may need to close more bridges and other elevated roadways.

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Winter Storm Warning in Effect

According to the National Weather Service, a Winter Storm Warning is in  effect through 6AM Wednesday, February 1. Forecasters warned of widespread dangerous road conditions, including icing of bridges and roadways. They expect a low risk of downed power-lines and tree limbs, but you should still take precautions.

Local Schools Monitoring Conditions

Local school districts are keeping an eye on conditions as well, and we'll share any closings or delays with you on this site/app.

Killeen ISD's Taina Maya announced Monday morning that district after-school activities have been cancelled, but campuses will release at their usual times. As of the time of this article's publication, the district had not announced any school cancellations or delays. We'll update you if that changes.

Belton ISD announced the cancellation of after school activities as well. They also announced that both classes and extracurricular activities are cancelled for Tuesday, January 31.

Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Temple announced that school would close at 1:30 PM Monday, all events were cancelled for the day, and the school will be closed Tuesday, January 31.

Don't Forget Pets, Plants, and Pipes

If you have outdoor pets, please either bring them inside or provide warm, dry shelter out of the wind in which they can be safe. If it's too cold out for you, it's too cold out for them.

Don't forget to bring in any outdoor plants that might be damaged by freezing conditions.

We highly recommend covering your outdoor faucets, and dripping your indoor faucets to prevent freezing and bursting.

Be safe out there, Central Texas.

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