Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Often it feels like all of life is fast approaching. We roll right from one month to the next, and holiday to holiday. It's good to be forward focused, but sometimes it prevents us from seeing what's going on around us in Killeen-Temple, Texas. We all have blind spots, so it is especially great to have people like Aniyah Smith remind us we're not alone.

Smith is a 17-year-old graduate of Temple High School, and for the past several years she has been making Valentine's Day baskets for people in need. Whether that is someone with financial struggles, or us parents that never seem to have enough time.

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Aniyah plans to donate 4 baskets to people in need, and then will continue to donate 1 basket for every gift basket she sells.

Check out her story here

Feels like we're barely past Halloween baskets, and before you know it, Easter basket time will be here. Hopefully by then, Aniyah is ready to expand her product line.

How can you help?

Buy a basket from Aniyah, and ask her to donate it. Remember, she is donating 1 for every basket purchased. So, if you give away the basket you buy, that's the same as a 2 for 1. You can experience her amazing gift, and contact her through her Instagram account.

Who benefits?

We all do. Again, you can always give your basket to anyone you like, or have Aniyah pick a deserving person in need. You'll brighten a day, warm your soul, and make our community a little stronger.

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