Driving in Texas is something we all should take seriously. When we get behind the wheel, we have to remember that there are others taking the road. So when we take to the roads, it's very important to focus when behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, some Texans don't take driving seriously. Some individuals in the Lone Star State decide to drive drunk, which could lead to some deadly consequences. Data in Texas shows that the deaths caused by drunk driving is amongst the highest in the nation.

So is the state of Texas able to set up checkpoints to make sure everyone in the state is driving safely? Not exactly.

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The Legality Of DWI Checkpoints In Texas

You may be surprised to find out that, no, DWI checkpoints aren't permitting in the state of Texas. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, they were ruled unlawful due to a 1994 case that declared them unconstitutional. Specifically, the fourth amendment of the United States Constitution was infringed upon.

Of course, police officers in the Lone Star State can still pull over individuals who they believe are driving under the influence. But the does the raise the question, in regards to the data provided earlier, of why Texas doesn't use the data and find a way to combat the issue at hand.

Should DWI Checkpoints Be Brought Back In The State?

We turn the question over to you. Should the state of Texas have areas to stop and make sure drivers are behind the wheel sober? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our free station app.

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