My father and I were both born in the same Iowa hospital that no longer exists three decades and some change apart. Now, I am a proud Texan and another Iowa native has also decided to make its way to Texas as Casey's General Store is expanding to include the Lone Star State as their 17th to be serviced by what has become the country's third largest convenience store and fifth largest pizza company.

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So, what can an Iowa native that has grown up next door to a Casey's general store tell you to expect once they are fully operational? The only thing you may actually purchase more than gasoline and pizza will be their gift cards.

How many Casey's General Stores are coming to Texas?

Google Images/Canva
Google Images/Canva

Yes, they literally put these things across the street from each other because never in my over forty years of living have I seen a Casey's close. I am not saying they haven't, but odds are it was because they were building a bigger and better store either in the same spot, or super close.

Fun fact, I have shopped many times at the Casey's in the foreground of that photo, but never at the newer one across the street because I am a Xennial, and there are just some traditions we can't let go. Those particular stores are located in Spencer, Iowa where my youngest child was born.

What else will help me prepare for Casey's arrival to Texas?

At this point it is patience, and maybe a 2nd phase because the 22 initial stores are former Lone Star locations, and mostly in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Learn more in this Retail Leader article.

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