Mrs. Doubtfire came out 31 years old; long enough ago to be considered a full-fledged family comedy classic. And also long enough for the actors who played the central kids in the film to be all grown up and really make us take stock of our own mortality seeing them reunited in 2024.

Those actors are, of course Mara Wilson, Matthew Lawrence, and Lisa Jakub, who played the Hillard kids in the film. After their parents Daniel (Robin Williams) and Miranda (Sally Field) separate, the kids get a new nanny: Mrs. Doubtfire — who is secretly Daniel in elaborate prosthetic makeup.

At the time Mrs. Doubtfire came out in 1993, Wilson was six, Lawrence was 11, and Jakub was 13. They reunited this week at ages 36, 44, and 45, respectively. And they look great! You can see the picture of the trio back together on Mara Wilson’s Instagram account.

“So funny that the same week I went to San Francisco, I got to reunite with my Doubtfire siblings!” Wilson wrote. “It’s always a joy to see [Jakub and Lawrence].”

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The occasion of the reunion was an appearance on Lawrence’s Brotherly Love podcast, hosted by Lawrence with his real-life brothers Joey and Andrew.

Wilson and Lawrence “still feel like my siblings- even 30 years after filming Mrs Doubtfire,” Jakub wrote on her own Instagram account.

Jakub retired from acting  in the early 2000s; she has since written books and become a yoga instructor. In addition to his Brotherly Love podcast, Lawrence continues to act. Wilson took a long break from acting following performances in Mrs. DoubtfireMiracle on 34th Street, and the original film of Matilda; she has since returned to acting in recent years and become a writer as well.

Mrs. Doubtfire is currently streaming on Disney+.

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