Most of us went through the same process every year when Valentine's Day rolled around while we were in grade school.

You would make a box to collect Valentine's from your classmates who each scurrying around the room, dropping off envelopes.

There was a lot of pressure to have the best Valentine's cards. The pressure increased when it came time to decide who should get which card. You wouldn't want to -gasp- give someone the wrong idea that you like REALLY LIKED them.

Thankfully, there were plenty of options for cards to buy. Many of them featured quirky Valentine's Day wishes from pop culture figures like Barbie, Alf or Garfield.

Popular athletes from Michael Jordan to John Elway even had their own Valentine's Day cards.

Here is a look at 45 retro Valentine's Day cards that will immediately have you thinking about which one you'd want to give your classmates.

LOOK: 45 Vintage Valentine's Day Cards That Will Transport You Back To Grade School

The vintage Valentine's Day cards will have you thinking about making a Valentine's box for your grade school classroom.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

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