What would you do if you discovered that the partner you were moving in with killed all of his pets as a teenager... and you have six pets?

In a viral Reddit post, a 24-year-old female shared that she discovered through her boyfriend's parents that he murdered all of his pets as a teenager. The couple, who had been together for two years, were set to move in with one another and because of the revelation, she delayed the move-in and asked unbiased people on the internet their opinions about her situation.

The violent past was revealed when she was with her boyfriend's parents while he was at work and she mentioned that they were taking the next step together, in which they were overjoyed about. However, when she mentioned that she owns three dogs, two cats and a turtle. According to her, "their faced changed," when she spoke about the animals.

"They asked me if their son knew about them and if I trusted their son to be with them," she recalled. "It was an odd question but nothing worried me more than the look they gave me after I answered their question."

The mother explained that while he was a teenager he killed every single pet that they adopted and the father added that "he wouldn't have a reason to do it, he would just do it and then throw them away." The parents said that it stopped when he was 17 and "think" that he out grew the killing of innocent creatures.

She admitted that she still loves her boyfriend but was "horrified" at his past actions. She delayed their move in date by saying that her lease is ending soon and wanted to hold off until then. Since then, she has not left him alone with her animals, and seems to do really well with them.

Fellow Redditors were concerned for her safety, with numerous people pointing out the correlation between people hurting or killing animals as a child and growing up to hurt or murder humans. In a follow-up post, she said that she was still alive and decided to get the full story before making any decision. She first went to the parents again to find out what else they could tell her.

"I caught him for the first time when he was 13, he was in the shed and his mother called him over for breakfast, he left the shed open so I went to close it. That's where I found a raccoon nailed to a piece of plywood. It was missing its stomach because he had cut it open and dumped its stomach into a bucket. It was also missing its face," his father told her.

The parents stated that they do not know how many animals he brutalized but "it may as well be in the hundreds." They caught him two more times after that, in one instance he dissected a stray dog and the third time was when he used a torch to burn a cat alive in a birdcage. They added that they would find animals dead in the nearby woods regularly and that neighbors' pets would frequently go missing and never be found. He would also come home with a "red stain," presumably blood, on his hands.

When the parents asked him why he did these disgusting and violent acts, he couldn't give them an answer, just that he was bored and "felt nothing" when he killed animals. They presumed that he also killed their pets, the day after Foxy the Pomeranian peed in his shoes, her neck was snapped and privates removed. Max the Golden Retriever chewed on one of his shoes and the following day, he was discovered beaten to death with his teeth missing. Their Basset Hound Max died from chocolate poisoning.

The parents shared that they took him to therapy, but the therapist thought that the parents were lying because he wasn't showing "any signs of mental issues." They didn't want to report him to the police because they still loved him. However, once he got a job and had money, they kicked him out because the father did not want him around them or his wife as they were afraid of him.

In a third and final update, she confronted him about his abominable acts in a public Korean BBQ restaurant and broke up with him. For the first half hour of their meal, they ate in silence. He broke the silence and told her, "You can do it... break up with me." He assumed that his parents told her about his kills and she knew in that moment that they weren't lying.

She asked him why he volunteered at animal shelters with her and he admitted that he did "kill a few animals at the beginning" but then later "grew rather fond of them." When she asked him why he did it, he said, "because I wanted to." Before he left, he told her that he did not want her taking away his volunteering opportunities and threatened, "If you take that away from me I will take something away from you as well."

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