O.J. Simpson's lawyer is ready to have a meeting with Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman's families.

Malcolm LaVergne, who is the executor of the late star's estate, has sent a letter to the loved ones of the two murder victims, whose deaths the Naked Gun actor was ruled liable for in 1997, two years after he was acquitted of their killings, to discuss their probate claims against the estate, TMZ reports.

According to the outlet, Malcolm is keen to discuss O.J.'s living revocable trust, his last two years of federal tax returns, federal tax liens, cash and jewelry the lawyer took from his client's house after his death last month, and videos he filmed of the abode.

The executor wants to be transparent with the probate process, not to necessarily give the 1997 judgement, which awarded the families a a $33.5 million payout, a special priority as all claims against the estate have to be dealt with according to Nevada law.

Malcolm told TMZ he is aware two judgements, one each for Ron's parents Fred and Sharon, are active in the state but can't find evidence of an active judgement from Nicole Brown Simpson's estate, and though he would welcome proof one exists, he wouldn't honor a judgement that is no longer active.

He is hoping to hold the meeting on or before May 10, but any day this month all parties can make it would be fine.

Malcolm had initially declared the families would get "nothing" from O.J's estate but later confirmed he would accept the claims.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "I can tell you in advance, Fred Goldman’s claim will be accepted. And his claim will be handled in accordance with Nevada law."

He went on to insist his initial remarks in which he declared they would get "nothing" were an emotional response to Fred talking about the former footballer in the press after his death.

LaVergne added: "Within an hour of knowing that O.J. died, he started talking [badly about him]. My advocate instinct is was, ‘Oh, you’re gonna keep [doing this] even after he’s dead? Fine, you know? You get nothing.’

"And so, those were my remarks then. But I backtracked, and they were pretty harsh remarks. And now I’m going in the other direction.”

Fred Goldman has previously claimed Simpson never paid a penny of the money he owed. He told The Hollywood Reporter in 2022: "It’s a ridiculous number, none of which has ever appeared.

"[Simpson] never paid one single penny. Anything that we were able to take was through our own efforts of taking things away from him."

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