Alcoholic beverage labels are getting harder and harder to spot. One mom discovered that her kid accidentally purchased an alcoholic iced tea.

TikTok user @_luvsik_, real name Violet, shared the story of how her son got his hands on a "hard" beverage with 7% of alcohol in it. "This was a really innocent situation but imagine I get pulled over, how do I explain it to a cop? ‍ #badparenting," she captioned the TikTok.

The viral video shows Violet's son holding up a Voodoo Ranger Hard Charged Tea, which he purchased at a gas station. Although it does say 7% alcohol in the upper left hand corner in a small circle, the teen didn't notice it until after he drank some and it "tasted bad." He claimed that he got it next to an Arizona Ice Tea bottle, assuming it was similar to the popular brand but this would taste like peach.

"It can happen to anyone if we’re not paying attention and I wasn’t," the mom shared in the comment section. She added that she hopes that this instance will "make other parents more aware."

Some commenters believed that it was an honest mistake, as Panera still calls their special iced tea "charged," in reference to the caffeine in it.

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"That right there there is the gas stations fault they not supposed to put alcohol next to sodas or teas it has to be in its own fridge," another person added.

Violet posted in a since-deleted follow up video that nobody in the family was ID'ed for the drink and that her son is sixteen years old. However, she returned to the store and discovered that the Voodoo Ranger brand was in the alcoholic beverage section. Either the drink was misplaced, the store owner moved his inventory or her son lied about its location.

“At the end of the day, when you’re going to buy an alcoholic beverage, especially if a child is holding it and he looks under 21, and he puts it at the register, it doesn’t matter if I’m going to pay. They’re supposed to ID, and I’m supposed to pay attention,” she concluded.

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