Things Are Going To Be Weird In North Texas For A Couple Of Weeks As The Home Of The Dallas Cowboys Will Be Losing Its Name.

AT&T Stadium in Arlington is known by a bunch of different nicknames including "Jerry's World" but due to a big upcoming event that's going to be held there, it will be called something else and if you're wondering why, the answer (just like every answer involving big time sports) is money.

The FIFA World Cup Is Coming To Texas in 2026.

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

One of the biggest sports events on the planet, The FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament, will be played in various cities throughout North America in 2026.

Dallas/Arlington will host 9 of those games including a semifinal match, the most of the 16 cities selected including Houston, Vancouver, Seattle and others.

But due to FIFA rules, AT&T Stadium has to lose its "name" for the duration of the tourney.

FIFA Policies Keep Stadiums From Using Sponsored Corporate Names.

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FIFA makes a TON of money from World Cup sponsors but they consider sponsored stadium names "ambush marketing" which devalues its sponsors who paid big bucks to be mentioned and using the sponsored stadium names is a way to get "free marketing" from its event.

So AT&T Stadium will be known as "Dallas Stadium" for the duration of the World Cup 2026 tourney much to the chagrin of Arlington residents who point out that AT&T Stadium is in their city proper and not Dallas.

They aren't the only ones. Metlife Stadium in New Jersey will be referred to as "New York New Jersey Stadium" and the same is likely for NRG Stadium which will probably be called "Houston Stadium" and so on and so on in other cities.

Are you excited for the World Cup coming to Texas?

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