Right After Usher Got Done With His Halftime Show, The Houston Native Snatched The Internet Back With Some Big Announcements.

The first clue was at the recent Grammy Awards with Beyonce was seen sporting a cowboy had and glamourous Western Wear.

It all became clear shortly after a Verizon ad that Beyonce was gearing up for another album run after the success of Part 1.

If You Missed The Ad Here It Is...

At the end Beyonce can be heard saying "Okay, they ready, drop the new music."

Right after that, 2 new Beyonce songs appeared on streaming services and YouTube.

Its clear Beyonce is getting in touch with her "Texas" roots as she plans to go Country!

A Snippet Of A New Video Called "Texas Hold Em" Was Posted To Her Official Instagram.

The rollout began with the release of a video snippet and the first song called "Texas Hold 'Em".

Almost an hour later, a new video for another song called "16 Carriages" was released.

Beyonce's new album "Act II", the follow up to "Renaissance: Act I" has a release date of March 29th.

This isn't Beyoncé's first trip into country music territory.

On her 2016 album “Lemonade,” she released a song called "Daddy Lessons" and a remix featuring the Chicks.

She teamed with the Nashville group for a performance on the Country Music Association Awards that November, which of course caused controversy online.

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