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Being a Texan means there are a lot of stereotypes and people have a lot of assumptions about us.

Growing up in Texas, if I ever crossed the border into some other state, whether while on vacation or visiting relatives (who had transplanted to somewhere else from this great state) or just a normal vacation, people that I ran into while visiting would automatically assume many things about me because I was from Texas.

They assumed I had cattle, land, cowboy hat and boots, and a thick Texas drawl!

I am proud to be a Texan because our pride, reputation, and love for our state and its flag precede us wherever we go. However, that reputation has a twisted view from those who are outside looking in on us.

All you have to do is turn on the TV and when a sports player, game show contestant, or a restaurant is featured on the show, the producers of the program or the host of the show usually play up that fact to the fullest extent by placing them in a ranch with longhorn cattle in the field with a pumpjack in the distance while decked out in jeans, button-down shirt, huge belt and a cowboy hat.

True Texans know that's the farthest thing from the truth!

There was a time when I lived in Portland, OR, for about a year and a half, and I stuck out because people just knew I wasn't from the Pacific Northwest. It seemed that a lot of people that I interacted with while living there thought that since I was from Texas I automatically had several of the things on the list below and that's simply not true. From their assumptions, I give you the list of things not every native Texan owns.

A List Of Things Not Every Native Texan Owns

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